Fiona Cumine - Fitness Competitor

Fiona Cumine - Get Suppd Ambassador

About me

I started in the comp circuit a few years ago, after being challenged to compete because I had no excuse why I couldn’t other than thinking it was something I could never do.

Fast forward 5 years, I have competed 4 times, and absolutely love it, couldn’t think of anything I love more I am currently prepping for my next comp 2021.

Outside of this, I work full time, Mum to an almost 15 year old and run a business with my partner called Vibration Café which specialises in Commercial Grade Vibration and Fat Freezing Treatments –

Favourite Supplement

My all time favourite product would be Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch. I absolutely love this product!! Not only does it taste amazing, it helps me on/off training.

Adrenal is a perfect Magnesium blend I use to assist with cramping from a heavy training session as well as relief of restless legs which runs in my family.

I have tried other products, high dose magnesium and Adrenal is the only product that reliefs any type of cramping or muscle twitch.

Secondary to this would be the White Wolf Vegan Protein Powder & Super Greens Mix – I have only recently tried these on recommendation from Lauren and they are amazing!!

Flavour is impressive, I literally crave a protein shake every day now .

The protein powder is fantastic as an arvo light meal/sweet treat and doesn’t bloat me like whey blends. I take the super green mix every morning to assist with overall health and natural energy levels.