Rule 1 creatine 150 serve

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Creatine by Rule 1

  • Pure Creatine Monohydrate
  • Supports Muscle Strength
  • Improves Muscle Power
  • Safe For Men & Women

Rule 1 Creatine is pure creatine monohydrate. This is 100% micronised so you get the purest,highest quality possible creatine for maximum results.

When it comes to supplements that really work and deliver proven results, they don't get any better than creatine monohydrate.

It is the 2nd most widely research sports supplement on the planet (2nd only to caffeine) and for good reason.

Creatine assists in the production of energy for explosive efforts. An example of this would be an all our set of bench press with your 10RM loaded on the bar or a 100m sprint. This type of exercise is anaerobic (without oxygen) and the energy for this performance is supplied primarily by creatine.

Although there are quite a number of creatine forms monohydrate remains the most proven,researched and effective.

Other forms claim to be more concentrated but to date nothing has been shown to be even as good as creatine monohydrate.

Supplementing with creatine will allow you to increase strength & explosive power so you can do more work and stimulate more muscle fibres.

This is micronized so it mixes very easily and also unflavoured so you can add it into other supplements such as your protein powder after training.


Rule 1 Creatine is best taken alongside carbohydrates for maximum absorption. We'd recommend taking 1 serve in the morning with breakfast and adding an additional serve into your post-workout shake with some fast action protein and carbohydrates.