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The Best Tasting Vegan Protein

Flavor counts when you're trying to diet! Slimtum™ Lotus is simply the best tasting high protein, vegan meal replacement shake you can buy. While most vegan protein shakes are grainy and taste like someone mixed cardboard into your drink, Lotus is silky smooth and has a light richness of flavor others lack. We managed to achieve this while still maintaining all natural flavoring and sweetening, so you can be confident your health always comes first.
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Providing Balance to Your Diet

While increasing your activity levels and lowering your calorie intake are the primary drivers of weight loss, macronutrient balance also plays a critical role. Both high in protein and low in carbohydrates, Lotus is an excellent balance to your diet. Lotus is completely diary free and made from the very best natural, plant based protein sources. It also contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners because we believe health is as important as appearance.
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Naturally Satisfying

It's one thing to replace a meal with a low calorie, high protein alternative; it's another thing to feel good about it. Lotus contains a special protein blend that thickens in the gut and has a taste and ingredients that are naturally satisfying and won’t leave you hungry and unhappy.