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Our Story

The Get Supp'd Story began nearly 10 years ago, with both of us (Lauren and David Lindau) being personal trainers for nearly a decade now in Karratha, WA

How we started

Lauren & David Lindau

we original started as Personal Trainers in Karratha and wanted to help our clients progress quicker, so we sourced some supplements to help them and also ourselves.

we quickly noticed what a difference supplementation could make to clients and our own fitness goals/daily routine that we wanted to share our results with our family, friends and training partners.

We also had the opportunity to meet the big players in the bodybuilding industry, we spent a week training and working with legends including Kai Green, Richard Gaspari, Hide Yamagishi and Phil Health.

    Their passion, knowledge and insight into the industry solidified our love of the health and fitness industry and we have been helping people reach their goals every since

    Where we started & our qualifications

    Get Supp'd was born in our back shed in Karratha 8 years ago, we have grown into a larger store while keeping our mission of helping people reach their health and fitness goals in WA but also now Australia wide.

    We are both still personal trainers and now competition coaches for over 5 years with many successful athletes in Nabba, WFF, inba and icn.

    We live and breath health and fitness! 

    Lauren has taken her passion to the next level and has been a WFF sports model pro for 2 years now in order to be the defining example of what is possible when passion meets hard work. 

    Her biggest win to date has been the Pro card in WFF 2018 in Singapore universe title 

    We have a love of fitness and puppies

    Our personal favourite supplements


    Lauren's favourites

    David’s favourites