X50 Green Tea - Grape 30 Serves

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Subtly sweet, juicy and delicious is how we would describe our Limited Edition Grape Green Tea X50! 

By adding a Green Tea X50 Grape sachet to your chilled water, you know you’re getting all the health benefits of the world’s (maybe the even the universe?) best superfood, green tea. Think the full package; a source of clean energy, a rush of antioxidants and a boost of metabolism.

With every sip, the antioxidants work hard to support a healthy gut, help radiant skin and just make you feel good! So, who wouldn't want that!?

The Why

UNIQUE BLEND Green tea is considered one of the world best superfoods and for good reason! It provides the body with diverse and powerful antioxidants that work for overall wellbeing. Our formula works hard to provide a source of clean energy, boost to your metabolism and resveratrol provides anti-ageing properties.

MEAL PLAN Each pack of Green Tea X50 comes with FREE access to the full Accelerated Weight Loss Program (AWLP). The AWLP is a comprehensive guide to healthy eating and exercise including healthy recipes, meal plans and lifestyle tips.

HANDY SINGLE-SERVE SACHETS Never be without your precious Green Tea X50. Stash some sachets in your handbag, gym bag or work bag!