X50 Green Tea - Acai 60 Serves

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X50 Green Tea is an energy-boosting antioxidant powder available in a single-serve sachet, available in nine different flavours that may be enjoyed cold or room temperature. X50 is loaded with antioxidant rich superfoods, including Green Tea and Fallopia japonica (resveratrol), and offers the immune-supportive benefits of Vitamin C. X50 Green Tea contains natural flavours and sweeteners, with each sachet containing 84 of naturally occurring caffeine (equivalent to a medium coffee). 


Product Features

Equivalent to 20 cups of Green Tea per Serve.
Contains Resveratrol, equivalent of 25 glasses of Red Wine.
Contains Antioxidant EGCG to Promote Weight Loss.
Fights the Damaging Effects of Free-Radicals.
Detox Liver & Kidneys for Greater Wellbeing.
Boosted with Vitamin C for Immune Support.